One For Every One

JJ, an “overly creative” child has decided to sentence himself to an entire day locked in his bedroom, as a protest to being grounded. As a result, he has to entertain himself without the use of the TV, radio, computer or other outside stimulus.

After the initial frustration of boredom, something amazing happens -- JJ begins to imagine. He begins to see stories emerge from the mundane objects in his room, he creates music, he dances, he speaks in rhyme and he gets swept up in a whirlwind of his own ideas.

Over the course of his play, JJ discovers the magic that comes from listening to the creative voices he has inside; and he realizes he has the power to create his own fantasies -- and that they don’t have to come from a DVD or video game.

One Performer. The performance is approximately 45 minutes long.

Songs in my head
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