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Maggie Sue

There was a little girl
Her name was Maggie Sue
She looked all prim and proper
But she always said “poo”

“How do you poo?”
Is all that she would say
Right in front of parents
Then she’d smile and walk away

Or when she was in school
And had to count to ten
She’d go “one poo three four…”
And count it back again

And sitting at the table
When someone passed the salt
She’d say, “thank poo very much”
But it wasn’t her fault

She had a speech impoodiment
That made it hard to talk
And it got to be so crazy
That she went to the doc

And doc said “Maggie Sue
We’ve got to fix your tongue
You can’t live out your life
Always talking ‘bout dung”

So he did an operation
And now Maggie’s free
She doesn’t say poo at all
Now she only says “pee”!

Copyright T. Carson 2005