Carson Productions:
The Celebration of Imagination

Welcome to the home of Carson Productions. We are a dynamic professional theatre company that creates, develops, produces and presents theatrical performances for families and young people. Whether through plays that tour into schools, poetry readings at the local library, or musical presentations in the theatre, our focus is to inspire our audience through high-quality presentations that celebrate imagination and creativity.

Tom Carson, Producer, Carson Productions
1589 Gowling Terrace, Milton, Ontario L9T 5J7

Company History
Since it’s first touring production, the Dora-Award nominated The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Carson Productions and its founder, Tom Carson continue to make their mark on Canadian Theatre ... continued

Coming Soon

Carson Academy
Professional skill-based training in the dramatic arts for children and youth in the Halton Region. Classes and individual lessons begin in the Fall of 2007.

Books Alive
Books literally come to life in this electrifying new literacy performance project for young readers. Expert storytellers narrate and enact books by Canadian authors while kids read along with the help of live video projections.

One For Every One
A zany poetry performance for young kids and families. JJ, an “overly creative” child has decided to sentence himself to an entire Saturday locked in his bedroom, as a protest to being grounded. As a result, he has to entertain himself without the use of the TV, radio, computer or other outside stimulus.

Works In Progress

The Bones of William Shakespeare
Written for a teen audience, The Bones of William Shakespeare is the story of Harriet, a young girl whose loss of her father, and her mother’s desire to remarry, forces her on a delusional path of madness and revenge -- a journey through her own twisted version of Hamlet.

A Flight of Nightingales
A fantastical new play for children based on the Grimm fairytale, Jorinda & Joringel.

A Boy Called Wonderful
A compelling new play that asks the question -- what happens when a boy on the playground can heal people?


See and hear selections from Tom Carson’s collection of performance poetry for children.

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