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My Mom’s Bum

My mom’s bum is jiggley
When she walks ahead of me
I like to watch it waggle
And ripple ripplely

It goes

Waffle waffle dimple lump
A-pad-a cottage cheesy
Pooly pooly cell-you-bump
A hug a swell-a-squeezy

A derriere so fair
As my mom’s has ne’er been seen
A kind hind that smiles a smile
At where it has just been

It goes

Wavy wavy swish ‘n splish
A bubble-lubble dumple
Cheeky cheeky miggle squish
‘N crack-a-whack n’ crumple

I run right up to it
Smack it lightly with my hand
Then wait for the quake to cease
On Primo Fanny Grand

It goes

Boingle sproingle bibble bing
Double-rumpy rubby chafe
Wummy wowsie wallowing
Marvy mummy keister nates

Fantastic fundament!
Great hindquarters buns and can!
I sing her bottom’s praises
Still I am a dead man

Cuz my

Mom has the same reaction
Every time I slap her rump
She does a dreadful action --
OW! she gives MY butt a thump!

Copyright T. Carson 2005